Wednesday, July 18, 2007

sister ashley

Rafael met Ashley for the third time last sat. Ashley seemed pretty excited at seeing Rafael. Hope she will take care of Rafa just like her mother takes care of his parents. : P


Yuen Yee Mildred said...

wahaha, it's so nice to see Rafael on the net. He must be missing his aunt who ususally makes him yell and cry.
I met my host mom's granddaughter last Sunday. She's three months old and she knows how to response you!!!! What's more, she knows how to say PA PA when you ask her to!
Remember to take good care of pa and ma and also yourselves, never let them and you guys too tired.

Love & Hugs

Mac said...

i think ashley got more hair than rafael when she was of his age. just wonder whether rafael has snatched away all his hair when crying.