Monday, August 27, 2007

good morning to you

"good morning, good morning, nice to see your smiling face
good morning, good morning, to you and to you... "

this is the song we sing to rafael in the morning, and rafa, after a good night's sleep, is usually in a good mood. though he caught a cold and was on fever when he woke up last saturday, he still had this hysterical laugh when i imitated some sounds he just made.

how nice would it be if we could start each day with such a big laugh! too bad mommy will need to be on morning shift in the coming 7 weeks, that means i will have to walk on my toes and leave home each day before rafael wakes up. my dear boy, i just can't wait to see you wake up in the weekends to be greeted by your smiling face! and papa, thanks for taking rafael to the nursery alone in this period.

靖愷早上醒來的心情最好, 縱使上星期六因感冒而發燒, 醒來時聽到媽媽模仿他剛發出的聲音, 仍然可以笑得合不攏嘴. 靖愷, 但願每個早上都可與你一起醒來, 笑著地開始每一天.

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