Wednesday, September 12, 2007

best wishes to auntie sandy

sandy has departed for london to pursue her SECOND master degree after obtaining a scholarship from the british council.

as parents, amy and i are now paying more and more attention to the latest development on education in hk and we (at least i am) are really surprised by the fierce competitions nowadays over admission to "branded schools". amy's goddaughter, who will be going to primary one next fall, has a 3-full-page portfolio in her application for school places. well... mine has barely reached 2 pages when i was job-hunting 10 years ago!

anyway, hope rafael will be like sandy to have her intelligence and brightness so that we don't need to worry about his study in future!

from little rafa: "auntie sandy, wish you all the best of luck in london... both schooling and dating!"

sandy姨姨考獲獎學金,星期天已遠赴英國倫敦進修. 希望靖愷長大後,讀書時能夠像sandy姨姨一樣聰明伶俐,使我們不用替他操心!

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::cater my every whim:: said...

thanks a lot! Auntie Sandy is just fooling around all these years, playing hard, enjoy life (try to!!) Your mom and dad will nurture you and provide you with an environment suitable to your growth. I can see that you are learning new skills everyday!

thanks for having me in your blog, i am so honored...:P