Tuesday, September 11, 2007

stand on your own feet


一直沒有為靖愷穿上鞋子, 星期日特別為他選購了這雙粉藍色的鞋, 他穿起來登時老氣了不少. 靖愷bb, 很快你會真的學走路了, 希望你會腳踏實地的, 一步一步的走. 不管你走多遠, 走多快, 爸爸媽媽都會像現在一樣, 支持著你. 你放膽去闖個天下吧!

it's the first time rafael seriously wear shoes, didn't he look like a lot older than when he's only showing his bare little piggies? little rafael, soon you will be really starting to walk and one day you will be able to stand on your own feet. but no matter how far and and how fast you're going, rest assured that mama and papa will always be here for you. go on, go ahead to explore this world with all your guts!

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barbara said...

little boy is so kawaii