Monday, September 17, 2007

first island trip

it was a sunny day on saturday and we went to the discovery bay with rafa. i think this is the first decent outing for rafa?

after a 30-minute bus ride to the pier, rafael decided to take a nap.

and he woke up to find himself already on board!

though it was really hot on saturday, rafael enjoyed the change in scenery and had a great time under the sun.


after lunch at the watermargins, we went to the beach for a walk. and rafa met 22-month-old asha who was too excited to see a younger baby and even kissed his hands!

after a long day but a short trip, daddy and mommy were absolutely exhausted and decided that we should not be bringing rafael for any overseas trip until he starts walking!

ps. vicky, thank you for the cute converse sneakers!

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Sabrina & Nori said...

Oh no, don't tell me about the overseas trip yet, though very looking forward to bring him bk to HK in Dec, but dragging the thought of the long flight....... Rafael is very cute, can't believe he's already making girlfriends everywhere, watch out mom and dad...