Sunday, October 14, 2007

the longest day, the longest week


last week was just like a dream for us. we had never imagined that rafael had to go under the knife when he is merely 8-month-old. we thought rafael just suffered from gastroenteristis after he threw up for a few times on monday night, but when the paediatrician found there was blood in his stool on tuesday morning, she told us there's a possibility that rafael might be suffering from intussusception - a term we had never heard of before. that was about 10 am on tuesday, and at 10 pm, rafael had already received a surgery. that was just 12 hours, but it seems like the whole world has changed in those 720 minutes.

rafael was finally discharged yesterday morning. we're so happy to have you back our dear.

靖愷終於出院回家了, 雖然你的肚皮多了條兩吋的疤痕, 你卻仍可如常地玩笑, 好像完全不記得發生過任何事呢! 這種態度, 長大了也要繼續下去啊! 以後無論發生甚麼事也好, 希望你也會從容面對, 笑著笑著地面對每一個挑戰.


馬渡太太 said...

Rafael, you are such a brave boy, we are proud of you!

Takumi & Auntie Harubi

amy said...

arigato! hope to play with takumi again soon! :)

Judy said...

上星期見過ada law (醫生auntie呀!!), 提起rafa 的病, 我說不懂得唸那個病名,是跟腸有關的,她就問我是不是intusuction(spelling?)...又或是...(另一種病,已忘了叫甚麼)

佢話, 小朋友有這個問題也不是不常見的喎. 做小手術後就會沒事, 不用擔心.

rafa真勇敢!! 好, 等auntie judy 幫rafa個肚仔搽番d la mer啦, 無事喇.

- 傻auntie judy

amy said...

嘩, la mer, good idea喎, 等我都叫阿mac買番盒比我同rafael, 我個肚開完刀都有個好大既scar呀!

醫生好似話hk每年有around 1,000 cases of intussusception, 姑娘講笑同rafael話, 六合彩又唔見你中.

Sabrina & Nori said...

Hey Rafael, welcome back home, isn't it nice to sleep on your own bed, did u have a good dream last night?

Amy, who's your pediatrician? seems like he/she is really good, was able to arrange surgery within 12 hrs. Lucky.

amy said...

sabrina, in fact rafael doesn't quite like to sleep on his crib after he's back home, instead he needs to sleep with us on our bed. he could sleep till we wake up him in the morning if he's sleeping next to us! :)

yes we're grateful to my paediatrician for being able to arrange a really senior professor to do the surgery for rafael. it could have been life-threatening should there be any delay!

Hilton said...

Little Rafael, lets celebrate your recovery sometime later! 你想唔想Jason 叔叔抱抱先?!

Mac said...

I am sure Rafael is not only keen on meeting uncle Jason, but also looking forward to seeing little Bobo! Remember their bikini gathering at your balcony!