Sunday, November 11, 2007

day trip to ocean park

the nursery is bestowed a free group admission ticket to the ocean park by the government in celebrating the 10th anniversary of the HKSAR. rafael looks so excited upon the arrival at the park!


the beautiful scenery outside the cable car catches little rafa's attention! unlike his father, little rafa luckily seems not to be afraid of height! : P


little rafa is so surprised by the big fishes in the aquarium, which are twice or even thrice of his size!


it is the first time for daddy and mummy not going to play any amusement rides at a theme park... what we did yesterday is looking for nice places to take photos with little rafa! we bring him to the kid's world after lunch to see if any of the games there fit him... well... we find that the games are really for kids but not toddlers : P


merry-go-round is the only game that rafael can try... but only with the company of mummy! hey, have you noticed that all horses now become pandas in the merry-go-round? don't know whose bad idea!


i bet rafael will definitely get his driving licence once he is 18! will he be alonso or raikkonen in future? no, he will be RAFAEL MAK!


see, amy and little rafael enjoy the trip very much! as for me, i feel a bit tired after an overnight shift : P


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