Sunday, December 30, 2007

he is a girl?

from time to time, rafael is being mistaken as a girl (that indeed reflects amy's desire for a daughter). does little rafael have that girlish shyness?


do i look cute? : P will little rafa be a sushi chef in future?


Judy said...

I think it's because of Rafa's eyes? Very lovely ones, I must add.

By the way, I think, he has Amy's eyes, everything else looks like Mac.

Auntie Judy is imagining how Rafa's sister would look like. wakaka.

amy said...

thank you, for your compliments for rafael and i (that his lovely eyes are attributable to me)! the other day i was looking at rafael's eyes and i found that his iris is quite big in proportion, at least bigger than me and mac. guess that's why his eyes can attract you? :P

Judy said...

maybe rafa has bought the chic "big eyes" contact lens for himself. haha.

- silly auntie judy