Monday, December 31, 2007

stay still, please

"rafael, can you stay still, PLEASE" i believe that will become my idiom in the near future : P little rafa never stops crawling or moving around in a single minute whenever he is awake. so you can imagine how hard can it be when we are taking pictures on him... and particularly when changing diapers for him! his movements are so swift that sometimes we are unable to stop him from playing his own diaper, which eventually his stool is spread everywhere - his hands, clothes and mat : P so i must pay tribute to amy, who takes care of little rafa on her own when i am on night shift duty once in every four days.

i am always curious whether amy had consumed too much artificial food or additives from potato chips or nachos during her pregnancy that turned little rafa a hyperactive child... haha (i am sure she will kill me when reading this... haha : P)

謝謝uncle jax替靖愷拍下這張危襟正坐、一本正經的相片。靖愷現在大多時都不肯「坐定定」的讓人拍照,所以很難拍到這樣「四四正正」的照片。

acknowledgment: thanks uncle jax for taking this beautiful picture and other lovely photos for little rafa at the repulse bay trip last month!

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