Monday, December 24, 2007

party fever

it's christmas, it's party time! rafael already went to two parties last weekend, first of which (in fact it was a xmas cum birthday party) was held in his school. guess who is that girl holding rafael? she is the teacher who rafael likes the most - ms lee. little rafa seldom displays his passion but he will usually stretch out his hands towards ms lee whenever meeting her. opposite gender attraction does apply this time : P


another party was organised by the mamas from the baby kingdom forum yesterday. there were a lot of toys and also a lot of babies!


in fact rafael was not really into this tunnel, but we lured (forced?) him to get in so that we could take some funny pictures.

how many babies are there? can you see amy and little rafa?

P.S. well... i named this thread quite "precisely"... rafael did have a fever after attending these two parties... and he is now getting rest and i think there will be no more parties in the coming xmas holidays... : P

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