Saturday, December 15, 2007

what have you learnt today, rafael?

some people are still surprised by our decision to send rafael to a nursery but not to hire a domestic helper to look after him. they still have outdated impressions that babies, who are crying and snivelling, are left unattended in their cribs or at the corner of the room in the nursery. but of course that is no longer the truth. otherwise, do you think amy and i are cruel enough to leave little rafa in such an undesirable place?

in fact, rafael enjoys his "school life" very much... yeah we call the nursery a "school" because little rafa not only plays with other babies and toddlers, but also learns new techniques and knowledge every day. the following photo, which is taken by the teacher and posted on a notice board outside the classroom, shows that he has learnt how to differentiate the source of sound. indeed that is only one of the many activities that he has had at the school, not to mention his well-developed physical growth and interpersonal skills. i am pretty sure rafael will not be afraid of meeting new friends or going to school when he grows up in future, and that will be attributed to those attentive and thoughtful teachers at po leung kuk!



Judy said...

oh oh oh, smart rafa! and in this particular pic, he seems to have more hair, interesting.

auntie judy will be free after dec 21, let's meet, rafa!

amy said...

rafael and i can't wait to meet you! :)