Monday, December 17, 2007

let's have fun!

auntie stephenie has kindly invited us to a BBQ gathering with her friends at one beacon hill yesterday afternoon. BBQ is our all time favourite but we haven't had any after rafael was born. so you can imagine how excited we were! in fact not only mummy and daddy, little rafa also had a great time in the clubhouse with other kids.

昨天我們一家應auntie stephenie邀請前往燒烤,面對著滿桌子的美食,靖愷雖然只可「眼看手勿動」(方飽除外),但他都盡興而回,皆因屋苑的會所裡面有一個很大、很多玩具的遊戲室!
  • rafael the pianist
  • 彈琴

  • rafael the mountaineer
  • 四圍爬

  • rafael the jockey
  • 騎「膠馬」(現在還有沒有木馬?)

rafael didn't have much fun on slide when we brought him to victoria park in the past two weeks but this time he did enjoy the tunnel slide very much! (hummm... thanks amy for her photography that you could only see my big butt in this photo but not a laughing rafael : P)


it was not easy for daddy to carry rafael to the top of the tunnel slide as the play structure is designed for children between 2 and 12... i have bumped my head for several time inside the structure!


rafael also met a new friend, oscar, who is 8 months old now.


rafael: i can fly!


with so many excitements, rafael refused to go sleep despite i brought him to a corner far away from the BBQ area : P


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Judy said...

haha, little sabrina looks like a roaring lioness!!

and thanks ami indeed for letting us see mac's... haha.