Sunday, January 6, 2008

it's yummmmmmmy

we just introduced rice biscuit to rafael a few days ago. at first he spat out the biscuit right after we fed him (perhaps because of the crunchy texture, which is new to him?) but in the next minute he just fell in love with it! we'll bring along rice biscuit and a few pieces of bread every time when we go out with him - little rafael will stop crying and grin when seeing them - they now became the panacea for a cranky rafael... hahaha : P


rafael: mama, i love you...r rice biscuit.
(margaret, please see his fingers! he is as elegant as you are!)

靖愷:媽媽,我很愛你... 手上的米餅!

rafael: i can finish the biscuit in just one bite...


rafael: done!


rafael: i forgot i am yet to have any molar... poor me, i need to wait until the biscuit gets melted in my mouth.

靖愷:原來塊餅都幾大... 等我用多點口水融化它吧!

after 43 seconds...
rafael: wow... so delicious!

靖愷:好味呀... 好彩我一向都是口水多過茶!

rafael: mama, i want some more please!

靖愷:媽媽,我真的真的很愛你... 手上的米餅啊!可不可以再來一塊!


Judy said...

is that rice biscuit for babies? it looks like 旺旺仙貝, haha.

Mac said...

yes that's for babies. in fact the biscuit is tasteless... haha. but rice biscuit and plain white bread are already delicacies for little rafa!

Judy said...

I know I know, rice biscuit and bread. Hmm, I was a witness to Rafa's "speed eating" of one whole piece of wheat bread on Sat...