Tuesday, January 8, 2008

pic of the year for mackie's family

rafael is a quick learner from my point of view (in fact i believe all parents will think their own children learn quickly : P), he imitates the others shrewdly which really surprises me a lot! so i really need to set a good example myself to let rafael follow suit... ok ok, you guys must be dubious about my word but i will try my very best to do so : P

little rafa just learned this gesture of "no more" lately. now every time when we finish feeding him apple puree, bread or rice biscuit (all his favourite food) and tell him no more, he will show this gesture to us... as if he really knows what it means! his facial expression is funny too, amy and i can't stop bursting into laugh every time when we see this photo. amy even named this "pic of the year for mackie's family"!


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