Tuesday, February 12, 2008

full time daddy

as rafael has been sick, we didn't bring him to school yesterday. with my parents on vacation, i needed to look after rafael on my own. it's not an easy job as little rafa never liked to play alone but needed my full attention all the time. i could hardly squeeze any time to have my lunch or so. but i wouldn't complain. indeed i did appreciate very much this rare opportunity, which helped enhance my father-and-son bonding with little rafa.

after having met with the mystery man twice yesterday, little rafa is on the road to recovery : P


Judy said...

陰公囉,第二張相片裡,rafa眼仔腫腫的, 沒精打采. 心都痛埋.

茱迪姨姨hug hug, 早日康復.

今天把神秘人的故事告訴一位做左人地爸爸的同學仔,他說他的兩歲女兒非常喜歡吃藥 (因為藥水好甜). 所以, 從沒餵藥的問題.

amy said...

Rafael已好多了, thank you! 也有聽聞有小朋友喜歡吃藥的事, 不過我們多次嘗試用匙餵藥都不果, 恐怕沒此福份.