Friday, March 14, 2008

early easter break

as a precautionary measure against the spread of influenza in schools, all kindergartens and nursery schools are advised to take an early easter break for two weeks. we originally expected rafael to get adapted to his school life again in march following his long absence in february, but now we need to wait until april.

with the sudden holidays, what is rafael doing at home? without his classmates and teachers, little rafa seems so bored to play alone (too bad daddy is completely exhausted after an overnight work).

the health minister reassured that the two-week period was two times of the incubation period for the virus and we could expect a clean and healthy envoirnment for the kids when they return to schools after the holidays... i just hope this will be true!




haha, his face did look are u both needing to use up personal time off & stay home? Well, at least for the safety, good to be away from germs. As I spend more time with Yoshi at home, I started to understand why people have many toys at in exchange for little personal time to update blog or go to bathroom....^_^

Mac said...

yeah... i took out all his toys and let him watch two baby einsten discs too... :P glad to see that he looks pretty interested in the puppets and songs so that i could spare some time to do the housework (updating the blog was the last job i did today.. haha).

Vivian said...

Hi Amy, rememeber me? I left a couple of messages before on your blog.

I have recently started a blog for my son as well. come and visit when you have time. :)

Hope to continue our exchange of challenges and joy we experience on the motherhood journey.