Wednesday, April 23, 2008

dr jekyll and mr hyde

rafael looks so lovely and adorable when he's in good mood. but he will become such a little devil when things go against his will... little rafa's interplay of good and evil sometimes just makes us mad : P

p.s. i overlooked this pic so i didn't pick this one for the blog until amy reminds me. oh yes, rafael is smiling soooooooooooooooo sweetly, isn't he?



Judy said...

Rafa looks cute in the 4th pic as well. What does it say on the tee? I can't figure it out..."More Big #" something something?

Vivian said...

so cute! I love his smile!! he is becoming such a big boy now!

amy said...

thank you!

judy: i think the shirt says "more big #10", what's written on these japanese t-shirts usually don't make sense.

woodstockbb said...

I love the last pic, so adorable.