Tuesday, April 22, 2008

who's learning?

daddy is always saying it seems i was more excited than rafael at the class. so why do we bring him to the playgroup anyway?

we went to times square for lunch after the class on saturday. and there we met a young couple with a cute little girl. after briefly introducing each other, the mother asked me, "which playgroup does your son go to?". i was pretty surprised. wow, that's a close shave. i could have been dumb had we not started our first official class that morning.

since when have playgroups become a part of our (and our baby's) daily life?

i guess, going to playgroups, besides having a fun time with rafael, is daddy and i learning how to play with and stimulate our little king in the house? don't laugh, we actually brought home this worksheet after class. well, let's see what the coming lessons will lead us to.


rafael under the "parachute" to appreciate its different colours


媽媽阿四 said...

yes it's a crazy world isn't it.

by the way, rafael is really blessed in that not only does he have a super mom, he also has a daddy that actually cares. well, a blogging dad is surely a good sign eh?

amy said...

yes indeed. mommy is blessed too :)

Vivian said...

That's a funny question to ask for meeting someone for the first time. I guess this is the equivalent of "Where do you work?" (for adults) and "Where do you go to school" (for teenagers) when people want to make a quick judgment of people... haha!

amy said...

vivian: yeah i guess so. and when i said, "we just started going to gymboree." the mommy kind of replied in an approving manner, "oh gymboree." then the daddy started SINGING something like "your little friend's name is rafael" - which i guess they picked up from playgroups? :P