Friday, May 9, 2008

driving while smiling

we still got no idea how has rafael learnt to smile like this... now, every time when we ask him to "smile", he will show this face...

well, i think this is more appropriate to be interpreted as "come-and-kiss-my-lips-as-they-are-so-soft" rather than a smile : P


Judy said...

Maybe Rafa is dating Miss Piggy without your knowing! He's Mr Piggy, haha.

Or spot check his classmates, if any of the girls does the exact same expression when you ask her to "smile", you know what's going on. keekeekee. 幼兒版《早熟》!

媽媽阿四 said...

Yes yes, go kiss his lips!

Happy mother's day! :)

amy said...

judy: that's a good idea. let me do an investigation next monday!

mama4: i did got his first kiss. wish you had a happy mother's day too.