Monday, June 2, 2008

sorry friends

rafael is turning 16 months this week and i think mac and i had so far turned down about 160 dinner invitations from our friends. as a sex and the city fans, i had thought about asking my dearest friend j for a girls' night out to see the long-waited movie this week, but after a second thought, decided that i'd better wait for the dvd instead.

sorry my friends, if i'm lucky, i got 2 hours a day in the weekdays to play with rafael, and i really don't want to let go of any one minute of these precious moments for the time being, not when he still wants to play with me.

it won't be long until rafael looks forward to mommy having her night out. remember not to leave me out by then!

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媽媽阿四:誰的福氣 誰的損失


Judy said...

I feel blessed enough to be the one who "have been thought of by you", my dear friend. yes, let's hang out in.... 20 years' time!

Wait, after my careful (and crazy) calculation - at this rate going, I "might" get married in another 10 years, have my child in another 10, then it's my turn to not want to part with my kid for - maybe 20 years.

So, let's hang out in 40 years' time!

woodstockbb said...

ha ha ha, sex and the city for seniors.

amy said...

no problem! i can wait :)

Judy said...

hahahahaha, yes, sex and the city for seniors... sarah jessica parker with more wrinkles.....hahahaha.

woodstockbb said...

It should be renamed as no sex and the aged.