Saturday, July 12, 2008

midnight show

what is rafael doing with these two sticks?

(singing) "tap your sticks in your hand with a 1-2-3..."

oh, he is watching a dvd named "baby songs - abc, 123, colours & shapes".

sing along to baby songs on tv is not a big deal and not worth an entry but it is another matter when it happens at 3 o'clock... in the morning. sadly it did happen tonight.

perhaps rafael was scared by the thunder and lightning, he woke up around 2 am and since then crying like a rainstorm, just like what was happening outside - until amy played the dvd.

gosh, i think we need to revise our plan for tomorrow morning - from library and playground visits to resting in bed till 12 noon : P


Yoshi said...

Oh, that close up pic of him with tears looks so sad....poor guy. Luckily u have mom & dad by your side (& the dvd...). Hope u will sleep well tonight. U can always call Yoshi and chat if u can't sleep, since it's only afternoon our time. Hope someday we can meet up. get some sleep.

Mac said...

hi yoshi, please add me to your skype so that i can chat with you when i can't sleep at night : P i am interested in learning japanese!


Yoshi said...

well Rafael, we don't use skype. So for the meantime, just pick up the phone, dial "Y-O-S-H-I", then u will hear "dud dud dud dud..", that means I'm telling u it's time to go back to sleep. Ok?! ~from your friend, Yoshi