Wednesday, July 2, 2008

salmon omelet

i don't like cooked salmon so i will never include salmon in rafael's food menu. but amy is deeply convinced that salmon is an excellent source of omega three and dha, which are said to have many proven health benefits and blah blah blah... so we let him try salmon omelet and salmon udon last weekend. doesn't rafael like them? i don't know but you can judge by seeing the pic : P

p.s. this time it's amy who was the chef : )

mama's note: you may wonder why it doesn't look like omelet in the picture. yes you guessed it - i intended to make omelet but failed in the end... it actually turned out to be scrambled eggs with salmon and broccoli (三文魚西蘭花炒蛋).

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Yoshi said...

Actually your title should be stir fry salmon with egg instead of one would know what u intend to cook originally. ^_^