Monday, June 30, 2008

potty training

warning: parental guidance is suggested for the following pictures with occasional nudity scenes!

in the last few weeks we found that when rafael was having vv or pp, he would give us some signals - either whispering (yes, rafael might have known that it's too embarrassing to let every one knows...) or pointing at his lower part. so we started his potty training last night.

well... the training was merely a failure : P rafael just stayed on his potty for less than 10 seconds. but before the next training, i think we need to seriously warn rafael that the potty is not a helmet.


Yoshi said...

The photos are so funny....that sounds like a great timing to train him, at least he gives u "advance" warning...not when it is happening or afterwards. U know what, my mom was so serious about potty training before her trip, kept telling me I need to start the process. Then when she was here, she did try (as u might have seen on blog)...but know why there aren't any follow up photos? just because that's the only time she tried. She gave up after seeing the note "18 months +" on the packaging box (or maybe it's just an excuse from not wanting to hear her grandson screaming in the toilet) Good luck u all.

Mac said...

in fact i read an article on toilet training which says "if he or she starts to show an interest and an awareness of what's happening to his or her body try introducing a potty - this maybe when your child is around 2... but some aren't ready to start toilet training until they are 4(!?)".