Monday, June 30, 2008

j'aime la musique

apart from technology, music can also bring people closer. i am totally convinced today. rafael was so apathetic when going to the playgroup previously. yesterday we decided to let him switch to the music class to see if there'd be any change.

well, he did look impassive when the class began. but after some singing and dancing warm-ups... you might not believe what has happened.


he took the initiative in making new friends, disregard of any age difference.


actively raised up his hand to answer questions... : P


and most important, rafael showed his interest and was so attentive when the teacher was singing, particularly this lovely song - puff the magic dragon.


p.s. not a commercial, i do think the teachers at gymboree are really nice : P

mama's note:

music style - raggae

songs/rhymes learned - mosquito; mango walk; oh mister sun; bally round and round


媽媽阿四 said...

simply adorable!

oh how i love his raising his hand!

Yoshi said...

That's great. So glad he enjoyed the music class. Did they play any musical instrument- which is Yoshi's favorite. Enjoy.

馬渡太太 said...

haha, so one more student will turn to music class from the core lesson!

takumi loves music class, too! XD

Vivian said...

Looks like Rafael really enjoys his class!!

btw, I know the guy in the second photo! He is my ex-boss!! What a small world! :)

amy said...

yoshi: yes rafael enjoys exploring with the different instruments, the louder ones the better!

vivian: wow, (singing) it's a small world afterall!