Thursday, July 10, 2008

what do you do on a rainy day?

amy is on morning shift this month, which means she will have to leave home for work around 6.45 am. rafael is usually awake when amy is about to leave and he'll cry crazily every time when seeing amy go away.

after repeated trial and error, i found out that the only way to calm him down is to give him back his mother (100% effective but 0% possible) or cornflakes (amy must be shaking her head now) and then read him some story books (i was asked to read FOUR this morning but i am really glad that rafael loves reading so much, unlike his lazy father).

it was raining cats and dogs this morning when i was about to bring rafael to school, so i decided to stay home for a little while and let rafael enjoy his cozy breakfast here : P only some cornflakes and a story book can bring him so much joy, can you believe it?


媽媽阿四 said...

siu c loves her "crisps" too - the name we give to any cold cereals to distinguish them from 糊仔.

i also have yet to find one that's sugarless. but the ones from Nature Path (available at Park'n'Shop) are a little bit on the less sugary side and are also organic. :P

amy said...

thanks for the recommendation! you know what, we just bought a pack of nature path for rafael two days ago!! :)

we've served the cereals with oat milk, but as anyone can imagine, they weren't as popular then. :P