Thursday, September 4, 2008

big boy rafael


15 months at the daycare centre and rafael has grown from a sleeping baby in our arms to a running toddler in the class.


no more holding please. rafael climbs up the stairs and has his shoes changed before entering the classroom.

climbing stairs @ daycare retouch


and he has his designated seat in a new classroom.

breakfast @ daycare retouch



but the most exciting part is... potty training!!! we're not sure of the potty part yet, but rafael definitely enjoys the story-telling in the washroom! :P

potty time @ daycare retouch

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Yoshi said...

The photo of the washroom scene is so funny....story time in bathroom, hope it won't be too stinky for the teacher. I think someday in our house, there might be auto magazine reading section as well....^_^

Agnes Leung said...

「可以偷看他看過飽」>> 所指的是兒子,還是爸爸?=)

amy said...

agnes: what do you think? :P
to avoid papa from being jealous, maybe i should say 他們. :)