Friday, September 5, 2008

ideal life


0900 送了靖愷回校,不用趕上班,可以偷看他看過飽。

0930 與爸爸到大坑的茶檔吃豬扒麵和餐蛋治,想像何時可以帶靖愷一起來這種沒有highchair的食肆。

1100 買完菜,在家準備當天的晚餐。原來腳邊沒有小人兒轉來轉去,效率真的高很多。

1200 與嫲嫲和親戚飲茶。

1430 與爸爸兩手空空盡情逛街。

1630 接放學(媽媽多久沒試過了?!),並偷看小人兒如廁時聽故事。

1700 與靖愷到玩具圖書館玩火車組合玩具(呢,有路軌的那種)。

1830 回家,一家三口共享晚餐。

2000 親子時間:講故事、唱兒歌、彈鋼琴、玩積木、亂跑、亂跳、亂大聲笑。


a day of luxury - going to tai pai dong with daddy
(yes, just the two of us!)


Yoshi said...

That's really an ideal life, a very well balanced lifestyle. Sometimes, just simple things could be such a big reboot in energy power. Once in a while like this makes everything perfect.

Vivian said...

We like Bali a lot, we have stayed in Jimawang Bay, Ubud and Tanat lot before... this time we stayed in Le Meriden, but I wouldn't recommend it. The hotel environment is nice but the food was really bad and it's very far away from the actions.

If you are going to Bali, I would highly recommend staying in Ubud, so you don't have to stay in the resort the whole time. There are a lot of nice restaurants in Ubud, plus cultural sight-seeing (e.g. rice paddy and nearby villages). The elephant park and monkey mountain are also nearby (but we didn't go to see the monkeys cos we heard they are aggressive.) However, the drawback of staying in Ubud is the resorts tend to be less family-oriented, so you won't find baby pool or children's playroom. But given Rafael is 19/20 months now, I think it should be okay...

Hope this helps.

amy said...

thank you so much for your info, vivian! :)