Saturday, September 13, 2008

my first fine dinner

we seldom go fine dining even before rafael was born, let alone after his birth. when my father proposed to dine at a french restaurant last week, i had much reservation as i was afraid that rafael might lose control when he's sleepy. but to my big surprise, rafael had behaved well most of the time, leaving us a comfort time to enjoy the nice food... : )

what caught rafael's attention that he didn't even blink?


wow... some nice cookies : )


after being trapped in the high chair for almost 2 hours, rafael started to become a little bit cranky, perhaps because of sleepy!? we have tried every means to keep rafael stay intact when taking pictures, including the lure of cookies, but obviously we failed.


singing or dancing didn't work neither. this is the only one picture which shows the clear image of all three of us... though the composition is a bit weird : P anyway thanks mildred for your hard work in taking the pictures.



Sandy So said...

happy mid-autumn festival!
Rafael - MacTam ζœ€ζ–°ε‡Ίε“, I have this tagline in my mind these days, I wonder why?
I am waiting to read another story about Rafael and lantern. I guess he will make one of his own in school? Question: how are you going to store up his creative art piece? I guess you need to digitise it :P
The satistaction and happiness brought by every Rafael's "first time" must be so much rewarding for mom and dad.
I love the new blog pic. Keep updating!
from soso

Mac said...

happy mid autumn festival for you too. yes you are correct, rafael has made his first ever lantern in school, though he was just working on the painting while the other steps were done by the teacher : P