Sunday, September 14, 2008

mid-autumn festival

as predicted by prophet sandy, i am going to write something about the mid-autumn festival : P (sandy: next time please tell me the mark six numbers too, but no need to post it openly in our blog : P)

last night we went to the lantern carvinal at victoria park after dinner, surprisingly there are no trace of any traditional lanterns but only these sort of "light-bulb-lantern-like-objects".


rafael was so happy to see the full moon (luckily papa hadn't turned into a werewolf...)


and ran around in the park...


we didn't stay too long in the carnival as it's really hot in the park... the festival doesn't fall in mid-autumn anymore... perhaps starting from next year, we should call it "mid-summer festival".



Sandy So said...

我也去了,太熱太焗 (我不怕熱的也感到太熱!!!),連電燈泡裝置旁解說也不想看,急急離開,都是去看人煲蠟,玩真燈籠有趣點。

Judy said...

有左google reader會減低留言次數呢, 哈哈。
rafa 第一張相個樣, 好好笑好好笑…