Tuesday, September 16, 2008

row row row your boat

we always love bringing rafael outdoor to let him feel the touch of nature instead of staying in an air-conditioned shopping mall where lots of people holding shopping bags are bumping each others.

last sunday we brought him to the wong nai chung reservoir park to enjoy a "boat trip" and fish-feeding activity (rafael loved feeding the fish when he was in sabah). we thought he would be thrilled about this new adventure...

well... but it turned out that he kept patting his chest (indicating that he was scared) once getting on the boat and refused to let go amy's arms throughout the whole trip!


while amy was busy comforting rafael and rafael was busy being comforted by amy, i was the only one who was free to feed the fishes and turtles : P


unlike last time when he was in sabah, rafael enjoyed feeding himself more this time...


and he hardly smiled but frowned until we left the boat...


the sunset was beautiful... we already planned to visit there once again in october : )



Sharon said...


I know you from Mama4's blog!

You are absolutely right, we should take our kids to the 'nature world' rather than 'real world', life would be like this way.

Great to see so many beautiful pictures!

Audrey's Mom

amy said...

thank you for visiting! :)

i'm always happy to meet other moms through blogging. how old is audrey?

alsace said...

It is a good idea going to wong nai chung. Aidan likes to sing the "row row row your boat". I have to take him feeling how to "row a real boat".

Irene said...

Yes, completely agree with your agenda for Rafael. Learning from the nature is the best!

I hope Rafael will enjoy the trip more for the second time.