Thursday, October 23, 2008

peeping mac

sometimes i'll do what amy does when bringing rafael to school - to observe secretly how rafael's doing in the classroom. yesterday we arrived at school shortly before 9 am. after having his hands washed and body temperature measured, it's already breakfast time.


first it came with eggs, one of rafael's favourites...



and then served with bread... see, rafael eats really fast.



not only eat, rafael also drinks fast : P btw, i'm glad to see that rafael can manage to drink water without straw now..



oh... papa just got caught red-handed... that means it's time for me to go - really don't want to get him distracted... see you again at 5 pm, rafael!



p.s. rafael got promoted to the toddlers' group last month. let's see what he has been doing since becoming a "big boy" : P

there are: parachute time, potty time, playing time and also... sleeping time : )



Yoshi said...

Those are cute photos. They all ate and behaved very well. Good job Rafael. What's the age group of the class? I have been trying to teach Yoshi to "scoop" the rice with his spoon by himself, but he's been "stabbing" instead. Wonder how Rafael learned to do it by himself? rice and noodles are not easy to be scoop I think for the little fingers....

Mac said...

in fact rafael learned "scooping" rice from school... i guess he's motivated by other children - somehow he will be more willing and eager to learn if he sees other children doing the same : P

Irene said...

Does Rafael enjoy the sleeping time?