Thursday, November 27, 2008

10 ways to deal with a crying child

1. to leave him alone;
2. to scold him;
3. to spank him;
4. to comfort him;
5. to hold him;
6. to "plan ignoring"
7. to distract him with toys
8. to threaten him;
9. to cry together with him; or
10. to let it be...

which one is the most effective way? it's hard to tell but i think each of them has their own merits, depending on the circumstances... but most of the time i will adopt 2, 3 & 8 : P little wonder i am always the second (or the least) one picked by rafael when he wants to be held...

yesterday amy recommended this website to me. that's all about parenting and i'd like to share it with you especially the part on setting limits and managing misbehaviours which is of most useful from my point of view... hope it's of great use to you too!

ok... next time when this happens again, i will try to use the tips suggested in the website... and of course i'll tell you if they work or not : P


孜媽 said...






amy said...

孜媽: 其實我也喜歡看孩子哭鬧的照片, 沒有吵耳的聲音而只見張大的嘴, 很有動感呢! 現在我正訓練自己, real time時也不要太觸動情緒。

人肉奶嘴, 我仍是呢(慚愧)! 不知阿四有辦法否? 我準備兩個月後慢慢戒奶, 到時候再和你分享。

喝牛奶嘛, 是由你餵還是別人餵? 聽說由其他人來餵會較易入手。另外, 你可將牛奶加進母乳裡,例如三安母乳加一安牛奶,然後慢慢加入牛奶的份量讓她逐漸習慣味道。或許也可試試不用奶樽而用杯之類來餵? 祝成功!

Yoshi said...

I laugh when seeing these pics, because I can TOTALLY PICTURE YOSHI DOING THE SAME THING very soon. And I probably will debate at the same time if I should take photos just like u?! because I wonder if that will send a wrong message to him that it's funny. But knowing myself, I probably will end up taking close up photos too. ^_^ and then log onto computer and post the blog. Hopefully by then, Yoshi will stop crying already. ^_^

Irene said...

I was frustated with two of my kindergarten kids back then. All suggestions from the book didn't work for these little punkers.

Would you like to try to
(pretend) cry together with Rafael when he's "unreasonably" cranky? I did that once, and it worked after several battles; I won the battle, I cried (pretend) harder and longer than the kid did. At the end we laughed together.

To another kid, I tried to stay calm and smiled (annoyingly) at him and said,"oh keep on crying, you're so cute, what are you doing? Are you singing?" He's pissed,"NOOO I'M CRYING HUAAA..." ,but then his morning rolling crying ritual after 4 days.

Oh but they were 3 years old who refused to join morning circle time in kindergarten. I'm not sure whether this is the case for Rafael. Maybe my way was a bit too harsh ; P

Irene said...

sorry missing "stopped" for the sentence:

...but then his morning rolling crying ritual stopped after 4 days.