Monday, November 10, 2008

art or stamp?

we had our first art class with rafael last sunday. being slow to warm up, rafael actually surprised us a bit by showing eagerness in participating in all the little art projects. he surely enjoyed the snack cum story time as well.

靖愷說:藝術課的撕撕貼貼畫畫 豈及下課後的蓋印吸引? and having the stamps at the end of the class was always rafael's favourite. one morning i told rafael "we're going to the music class today" and he actually said "stamp!" but not sing or dance. now you can imagine how much he likes them!

rafael, haven't you already got your stamps? i think these stamps are for another class...


and he's still waiting for more even after all the children left. :P



Irene said...

100% STAMP!;D

Been suspicious the kids come to classes for the stamps and the biscuits (in Art class)!

I miss Dough Time so much!

Rachel said...

Rafael seems very engaged with the storybook as well.

Can I ask for a favor? We've got a new lesson plan lately, called 'Story'. The objective is to let the kids practice English through the help of a story. Teacher Erna & I want to run 2 pilot classes and see how the lesson plan works. Can we invite Rafael to come and join our pilot class?

There'll be 2 classes in a row on Sun in early Dec. And it's free. This is not for promotion at all. We just truly want some comments and see how we could polish the lesson plan before we launch it.

Do you mind help us on that?

amy said...

irene: we couldn't stop laughing when we saw rafael lining up for the stamps! but we're really happy that he's motivated enough to go up and get some more.

rachel: thanks so much for your offer. we're totally interested!