Wednesday, November 12, 2008

hello stranger

near a bus stop on caine road 在堅道的一個巴士站附近

rafael says: hello cat!



near a bus stop on tin hau temple road 在天后廟道的一個巴士站附近

rafael says: hello michelin man!


oh this age of innocence, please don't slip away too soon...



Irene said...

don't go to school too early. all answered will be set :P

Yoshi said...

I think u do live very close to my parent's house. The bus went pass that Michelin tire store everyday, but I never realized the name is call "Kow Tung Tyre Co.", what a name....^_^

hey, I was wondering what Gymboree class is Rafael attending? I might want to take Yoshi there once and perhaps it could be a fun meeting time together (hope Auntie Sandy can join us too) can u let me know the time? I looked up on Gymboree class schedule online also.

Yoshi said...

(from Yoshi): "Hey Rafael, mom has e-mailed and reserved a spot for me to attend Gymboree music class on Dec 14th, we will be able to meet and have some fun time together. Let's see if auntie Sandy will be able to join us or not. She will check."

alsace said...

Aidan always say hello and waving hand to michelin man in Tin Hau when I take him to school every Sat.