Wednesday, November 12, 2008

in memory of our photographer

our wedding day photographer passed away out of the blue yesterday. it's the second time to hear such sad news this year. it reminds me yet once again how much we need to cherish every single moment we have together with our loved ones.

yin, we couldn't thank you enough for bringing us the sweetest memories of our wedding. we sincerely hope that you will rest in peace.



rafael: do you know that you're also in this picture? you were that tiny tiny egg waiting/just been fertilised in mommy's womb. just how... how could i explain death to you in the future?


Judy said...

this is shocking news indeed, the world is so so small - are you referring to the news photographer Mr Tse who died presumably of heart attack on Tues morning? He is in fact a super close friend of my close friend in the Bible School, my friend is very sad right now. I am sad because my friend is sad.

amy said...

yes, and he's a close friend of a dear colleague of ours.

孜媽 said...





amy said...

孜媽: 謝! 婚紗是從網上拍賣店買的, 我還真的仍很喜歡它的簡易設計呢! 希望他朝有機會可將它送給女兒。:P

Irene said...

hope he will rest in peace :(