Tuesday, November 4, 2008

milky moments

最新一期的W magazine,封面是brad pitt為angelina jolie拍的獨家密照,相中angelina望著鏡頭淺笑,細看下會發現她的胸前有隻小手...噢,原來她正在餵哺孩子。她一雙眼睛滿是愛,嘴角溢著幸福。



記得在你出生後的100多天,當初餵哺母乳至一歲的目標還彷似遙遙無期;100多天前,媽媽的奶工廠結業了;算算日子,原來還不夠100天,你就要滿兩歲了。世界衛生組織建議餵哺母乳至兩歲或以上,在你兩歲後,我們要停了嗎?雖然我想我會捨不得和你每天相擁入懷的時光,但或許大家也是時候move on--大個仔不要依賴吃奶來入睡,媽媽也不要依賴餵奶來哄你入睡了。孩子,我們不要急,到時候慢慢來吧!









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amy said...

謝謝! 我們星期日也剛去了愉景灣呢!

物以類聚, 寫網誌後認識很多母乳媽媽啊!

Irene said...

I can't read, but I totally encourage mommies to do breastfeeding.

Veronica said...

My 9 months old little boy (Cookie) has just recovered from sickness. It was heartbreaking to see that he refused to eat any solid food over the last 2 weeks. But I was happy to know that at least he still wanted to be breastfed and seems like breastfeeding was the only way to give him some comfort.

We live in Sydney which the majority of the mumz breastfeed their babies nowadays. (In our mother's group, 9 out of 10 breastfeed) Most shopping centres are breastfeeding friendly. We went back to HK for visit in August... found that it was soooo difficult to breastfeed anywhere. The times when I found the feeding rooms in Times Square and Jusco, it was either occupied by a mom bottle feeding her baby or a mom changing nappy. Guess what.... by reading your posts, I learn about the feeding room in IKEA, but no staff could tell us there was such room until we asked the 4th staff. On top of the pressure given by my parents (they have been suggesting me to feed Cookie formula), I am not sure if I can hold on to breastfeeding for this long if I live in HK. I think you and your family have done a great job! Rafael is really lucky!

I hope Rafael get well soon!

P.S. Sorry for writing an essay here....

amy said...


thank you so much for your message. it's always happy to know more breastfeeding mothers. feel free to write any essays here!!! as long as your dear boy doesn't protest you working on the computer for too long :P

you're so right that hong kong is indeed very backward in terms of breastfeeding/baby friendly facilities! no wonder our birth rate is so low!

i think support from others is very crucial in successful breastfeeding, and i'm very lucky to have support from not only my family but also many breastfeeding mothers i've come to know! i hope we will become the majority in hk soon! :)