Tuesday, November 4, 2008


rafael is sick. he has been having intermittent tummy pain since sunday night. no fever, vomitting or diarrhea but just stomachache. the doctor said his bowels might just be upset or he might have caught gastroenteritis. it's really heartbreaking to hear him saying "painful" and "afraid" while twisting his body.

he finally had poo poo this morning and hope he'll be getting soon.



nikita said...

All the best!!


michelle said...

don't know what to say... don't worry amy! if you've already brought him see a doctor, he'll be fine.

Irene said...

Rafael dear, get well soon! Hope you're not too much in pain after taking the medicine. : (

Irene said...
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Yoshi said...

Rafael, ask daddy to cook the egg with mushroom again, and with mama's milk, hope u will feel better soon. take care.