Friday, November 21, 2008

a walk on the beach

the weather was so nice last saturday - cool but not cold with a blue sky and most importantly, lots of sunshine! originally we thought of going to the peak but chose stanley after our second thought. we tried to be there a few weeks ago but ended up going to repulse bay as all the parkings were full in stanley. in order not to disappoint amy and rafael again, we started our journey early in the morning and arrived at the beach just around 10 am!




any idea of where are we? we are now in the playroom inside the stanley municipal services building. the design of the building is really awesome... as if those from roppongi hills (amy's comment)




how many biscuits did rafael eat in the return journey? 1? 2? 3? all wrong, the answer is... none. he already fell asleep before he was able to take one out of the bag... haha : P


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Irene said...

Rafael was so camera alert in pic #1 and #4. He's a cutie pie!

Busy Daddy and Mommy woke up early on Saturday morning to have a family time at the beach...
(Snow White's OST,"so this is love hmm...hmm... so this is love...)