Sunday, December 28, 2008

sleeping rafa

back to week one...


now (22 months 3 weeks) ...


is that sleeping position really comfy?


Vivian said...

Hello Hello!! Merry Christmas and Happy New year!
Have not been able to leave messages, internet speed is quite unstable here in China... but I have been following your blog!
you know what, I took a sneak preview of Rafael's bookshelf (in one of your blog entries), I found out Nathaniel and Rafael have quite a number of books in common! :)

amy said...

thank you, vivian! great minds (moms) read alike! :P

SoCow said...

Time flies~~~~
Guess what, I guess your blog inspires another friend of mine.
She read your blog and asked me how to pronounce "Rafael" since she also wants to name her baby boy as Rafael!!! Part of the reason is also because her husband loves Rafael Nadal!

Mac said...

i named him rafael because i admire rafael benitez (liverpool's coach) : P