Thursday, December 11, 2008

tearful morning




rafael woke up before i left home this morning, and when i was getting dressed for work...

rafael: work?

mama: yes mama is going to work.

rafael: no, going out! (what i say to him in the weekends when he thinks i am getting dressed for work)

mama: ...

rafael (cries): wah wah wah... mama, cars.

mama: (wah wah wah... at heart)

oh how i wish i could stay home with you everyday my dear! let's hang on in there, two more days to go before the weekend!

santa: i don't want any presents for christmas. all i want is more family time with rafael and daddy!


michelle said...

oh Raael is not yet 2 yrs old ? He looks such a big boy :) Yes I understand your feeling Amy...

孜媽 said...



: )

提早說一句聖誕快樂,替我抱抱靖愷,我非常確信我們很快會遇上 : )


amy said...

michelle & 孜媽: 謝謝! 有你們明白真好! :)

Yoshi said...

hm....hang in there mama (& papa & Rafael)...don't know what else to say..... anyway, looking forward to meet u all this Sun. See ya.

amy said...

yoshi & sabrina: thank you. we'll hang in there! 4 days to go before the weekend and 10 days to go before the christmas long weekend! :)

SoCow said...

yea, amy, finally a real x'mas holiday for the family this year!