Wednesday, January 14, 2009

auntie sandy

it's amazing that some people are naturally attractive to kids. they don't have to do much to please the kids. but the kids just love them. well... definitely i am not gifted with such charisma but at least there are two persons that i know have that talent. one is my father - my little cousins and rafael all like playing with him. of course he also has unlimited gadgets to make them happy.

the other one is sandy. perhaps because she's got three kids at home (don't get confused the children are her sisters') which makes her smell like a kid? or she still retains a childlike heart? anyway, as i said before, kids just love her. rafael is no exception. rafael met sandy only for a few times but he seems to be already an old friend with her.

we went to the music class together with sandy and her friends once last month. in the next lesson the week after, rafael kept asking "auntie sandy?" and pointed at the place where sandy had sat. omg, i don't think rafael would do the same if i am the one who is absent. i am not only pathetic but also jealous! : P





amy said...

i don't think kids are attracted to your father for no reason, he really inspires me a lot on how to communicate, play and interact w/ rafael. though sometimes i can't stop myself from being jealous of him, i'm really thankful for his love for rafael and us.

and re sandy, couldn't agree more on her childlike heart!

Yoshi said...

Rafael, not only are u attracted to Auntie Sandy, but we as being friends with her for so many years, we are attracted to her as well. can't have a party without her..... next time, let's try to have Auntie Sandy babysit you for a whole day, let's see who wll run away first....^_^