Monday, January 12, 2009

coffee break

when we go to coffee shop, we usually ask for a cup of warm water for rafael, as if he is having the same drink with us. until yesterday, we found that starbucks serve babycino to children FREE OF CHARGE : P this is really a good news to rafael who won't be fooled ever after...

rafael: is that how cappucino tastes?


rafael: that's really nice...


rafael: i think next time i can try something more thicker... maybe expresso!?


rafael: btw, why papa is so stingy by buying me just a short size???


rafael: mama, please order a vendi babycino for me next time!


we only came to realise that customer's name are written on the paper cup in starbucks...



Yoshi said...

actually that's perfect size for me. Since I don't drink coffee, that will be an alternative option besides hot coco...^_^ (I like going into starbuck, for their relaxing atmosphere...but when I order hot coco each time, the staff always starred at me, and asked repeatly "no coffee?!" "YES, NO COFFEE".....and then later, they yelled out "HOT COCO"...I grabbed my drink quickly and walk away...^_^

孜媽 said...



等春暖花開 - 天氣暖一些,你們ready,找個週末我們見見吧。


amy said...

sabrina: order a babycino for yoshi next time! you know what, rafael's eyes were sparkling when he saw the drink especially made for him!

孜媽: 好喔! 到時別投訴"貨不對辦"就好 :P

微豆 Haricot said...

5th pic: Rafael probably wants a venti (twenty, i.e. 20 US fluid oz).

alsace said...

I like cofee but I like to take it at weekend, not weekday, because I want to enjoyed the coffee. It is good that starbucks serve babycino to children. Then I can take Aidan to enjoy the starbucks at weekend. When did Rafael start taking cow milk? I haven't given Aidan to try cow milk yet.

amy said...

haricot: thanks for coming by! yes i'm sure rafael wants to venti :P

alsace: we let rafael try cow's milk for quite some time already, maybe 4 or 5 months ago? it seems he's not particularly allergic to it.