Wednesday, February 25, 2009

rosemary focaccia

rosemary focaccia (original recipe)


- 1 tsp instant dry yeast
- 3 cups plain flour (it works! no need to use bread flour for focaccia!)
- 1 tsp sea salt
- 1 cup water
- 2.5 tbsp olive oil


10:00 pm - get all ingredients ready
10:05 pm - mix everything up with rafael
10.10 pm - knead the dough
10.15 pm - cover up the dough for first prove, and nurse rafael to sleep (yes, weaning not yet successful )
10.30 pm - rafael asleep, check mails and google reader
10.45 pm - check on first prove, put dough in baking tray and cover it up for second prove
11.15 pm - bake for 30 mins
11.45 pm - voila, bread ready for tomorrow!

looks like we could really do without a bread maker! :P


rosemary focaccia


aulina said...

Super envious now!

michelle said...

wow, thanks for sharing !!! Would try this afternoon !! what kind of dry yeast you use?

ps geeez, i am really getting bad in English... rather few vocabularies in such a short text :S

amy said...

aulina: you have bread making machine ma.... but sure go try when ssb is asleep or in the sling! :)

michelle: i used this "instant/active dry yeast" manufactured in hk.

hey hey, remember to leave the oven door ajar as jamie oliver said to allow air to go into the bread! :)

alsace said...

Since I moved to the current place, i haven't made any bread as there is no oven provided by landlord and there is no room to place an oven in the kitchen. I hope I can make bread with aidan very soon.

Yoshi said...

Ok, u really have lots of patience with Rafael in making bread, great job mom. By the way, are u thinking of quitting your job soon and open a bread shop with Rafael? that might work really well. Great job mom.

amy said...

alsace: yeah yeah get an oven and start baking soon!

yoshi: oh a bakery! i wish! you have to help me convince mac! :P

kids said...
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Eva Leung said...

just found this!
thanks! must try:)
we don't have any bread machine either, been feeling out of place when reading ah 4's bread wave.

amy said...

lousyma: honestly we don't really have a space for the bread making machine at home. :P

hey shall we hold a virtual bread party together someday? :)