Wednesday, March 4, 2009

surprise mail for rafael

when was the last time you receive a personal mail from the postman?

honestly i couldn't remember. what fill our letterbox these days are only promotional mails and bills (not that i'm complaining my friends, cause i know i didn't mail any letters to anyone either).
so the other day we were really surprised when we got a notification telling us that there's a parcel for rafael waiting to be collected at the post office.

i was thinking, wait.... did i order anything online recently? but then i usually deliver my shopping to the office, and i don't really address those to rafael...

what could it be?

it's a gift from our blogger friend kambayashi family!

our friends from afar, it really melts our hearts to know that though a busy mom, you had thought of us when you did your shopping and remembered our little passing comment about being not able to find any washable ink pads in hong kong to quench rafael's craze for stamps, and that you actually bought those pads (plus a pair of cute stamps!) and didn't mind making a fuss to the post office to mail them to us! (you know i don't go to the post office these days even though it's just blocks away, but imagine you need to drive there!)

rafael certainly had loads of fun pretending to be the music class teacher and giving me and himself stamp after stamp right away after we opened the box! thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooo much!

by the way, sabrina, where did you get our address? was it from auntie sandy?



aulina said...

amy你有到過灣仔的樓上鋪藝林找嗎?他們有挺很齊全的兒童美術物料,說起來肥瘦小時候也買過很多還未用... @_@

Yoshi said...

Hey, I'm so glad the package arrived safely. In fact, I should thank you for giving me a reason to go shopping. ^_^ I know Rafael enjoys art & craft time, and u are such wonderful parents, it's my pleasure to send out little package. I am not sure if those are 100% washable, but hope Rafael has fun. (thx for the photos, it's great seeing his reaction)

yes, the little mystery person is Auntie Sandy ^_^

By the way, my parents told me one day they were on the bus back home, and saw u all 3 getting off. My dad thought Rafael looks familiar and not after the bus left that he remembered seeing your blog. So u have become celebrities on Cloud View Rd...^_^

amy said...

aulina: 去過灣仔一間名藝X的art supplies店找, 不過應該不是你說那間。謝謝介紹! 還有未用的物料, 那你又可以省點錢不用為細細添置囉! :P

yoshi: don't worry. the inks are really washable. rafael tinted his fingers and mine in orange that night and most of the colours were gone after some rubbing under the water :)

and i'd better watch my behaviour in the neighbourhood then. :P