Tuesday, March 31, 2009

messing up

how will you feel if you see an all-new orange stamp pad messed up with green ink?


to be honest, i frowned (at heart). i was almost going to ask rafael to refrain from mixing stamps of different colours - but wait - is it the stamp pads that are more important, or rafael?

though i don't have any cleaning obsessions, at times i still find it struggling to just let go and let rafael make a mess in his art / cooking / whatever little explorations at home. i have to keep on reminding myself: is it the tidy floor / table / fingers / clothes that matters, or rafael's fun and experience with things?

a dirty stamp pad - isn't it the perfect chance to introduce the concept of colour mixing?

and if we can't even get messy when we're children, when can we?

我忍不住心裡皺起眉來,幾乎要下令靖愷不要將顏色混在一起... 慢著,到底是完美無暇的印台還是靖愷重要?

禁止小手亂摸亂碰,禁止弄污衣服/頭髮/地板/桌面... 那小人兒又怎去親自發掘這世界?




aulina said...

I hear you! Been there done that... still can't bear the sight of messy art! (That's why I let them take lessons outside of my place!)

alsace said...

It is not easy to tell myself not saying "dirty" or "no" to stop Aidan what he is doing. You did very well to let Rafael having exploration.

Yoshi said...

I think u are really great parent. U have HUGE patience and I agree what u said. but I just can't can't can't bear the mess....I'm trying little by little to let him explore, but my steps are very small. Good job mom and dad. Lucky Rafael. Maybe when summer time comes, I will let Yoshi explore all he wants outside the house then..

馬渡太太 said...




amy said...

dear all: in fact i'm just finding excuses for my own messiness. :P

kkmOm said...

Rafael is very lucky to have you two as his parents. :o)

amy said...

thank you, but not as lucky as the k sisters! :P