Wednesday, March 18, 2009

sad obsession

"sad page!" rafael says.

rafael has an interesting obsession, and it's about sad faces. everytime he finds an illustration with a sad face on a book, he has to go back to that page over and over again.

anyone who knows child psychology can give me any insights about what such an obsession could imply?


(clockwise: buzzy from buzzy's big beach book, octopus from water water everywhere, puff from puff the magic dragon, rabbit from carrot soup)

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hiwong said...

是不是很同情他們? 騫騫都有類似的反應, 有次他看電視見到noddy哭, 他馬上極淒涼的臉說: noddy 喊既?! 然後自己含著一泡眼淚, 並把電視關了, 說: 刪左佢, noddy 喊既!