Thursday, March 19, 2009

pizza express

maybe rafael is already fed up with play doh (after all the food is fake and he can just pretend to eat), so he shows more interest in cooking real food : P

this time we decided to cook pizza (please excuse rafael for his messy hair, he got so excited after learning that he was about to cook and totally forgot about to tidy up himself before appearing in front of a camera...)



i can tell you chef rafael was still dissatisfying with the pastry which he had been rolling for a long long long time...


and chef rafael was also very fastidious about how to arrange the toppings...


sausage, mushroom, basil leaves, cheese... chef rafael was checking if anything was missing


can you guess how long does it take for rafael to finish this pizza?


well... the answer is he just got a few bites and i ate the leftover. now we understand that rafael, unlike his parents, is not really into pizza : P


Yoshi said...

Great job Rafael, your pizza looks great. What's your pizza delivery phone #? And ask dad to get you a motor cycle for delivery. P.s. Love love love your new hairstyle. ^_^

Judy said...

新髮型 (?) 好可愛啊!!哈哈哈。