Friday, March 20, 2009

we are all food lovers

not only liking to eat, we also love cooking a lot! rafael is likely to have inherited our gene. that's why he's always thrilled when we let him help out in preparing our dinner.

this time we are trying out naan - which is one of our favourite food : )



in fact letting rafael cook also helps him stay focused at work, which i think is a good training plus entertainment for him. i can hardly think of other activities which can keep his focus for that long (except watching tv : P)


perhaps we can let rafael cook for us a few years later : )


curry and naan are such a perfect match - but too bad rafael can only taste the latter at the moment.



aulina said...

Naan!!!! Wow!! You really don't need a breadmachine then!

amy said...

aulina: hehe we cheated. both the pizza crust and naan are actually made from ready mix packs. the naan mix is a good deal from muji - $15 or so a pack and you can make 4 pcs! :)

Sarah Yuen said...

好開心呀,一家人整餅! 我上次包水餃被媽媽炒左我魷魚啦

Judy said...

今次有梳頭出鏡, good!!
麥記星期日包唔包伙食? 哈哈。

Judy said...

muji naan pack?? muji黨的我竟不知道哩,用pan 煎okay嗎??

Judy said...


mac 有何感受?(看auntie judy幾殘忍!!)

amy said...

sarah, 試下naan啦,好易整!

judy, 係呀,攪完搓完煎兩分鐘即成!我覺得下次可以試下加d洋蔥整onion naan tim!

鍾唔鍾意之談係愷愷自問自答架,可能佢知我會問佢? :P

行行媽 said...


naan同chapati之類都係我同行行爸的心愛呀,但未試過自己整! 可否指教你的naan粉團是怎樣做的? 是否用平底鍋就咁煎呢?

amy said...


judy & 行行媽:
我們買的是這個方便包, 只要加水再搓下然後用平底鍋煎兩分鐘即成, 好好玩!

aulina said...

等我仲特登走去搵個naan recipe添,都好,如果可以去行街又經過muji都買包試吓先。