Thursday, April 16, 2009

moody rafael

over the easter holidays we went to visit many of our friends including artus who used to live next door of my parents' place and now moves to discovery bay. artus is about one month younger than rafael. they did meet informally before (but guess they can't recall for being too young at that time). i do expect they would get along well as they all fancy cars - different kinds of cars, no matter two-wheel, three-wheel or multiple-wheel : P

however, rafael was a bit cranky and moody shortly after we arrived in db. probably he was too sleepy. he kept frowning during the lunch until he fell asleep in amy's arms...

when rafael woke up then it's artus' turn to go to nap. too bad that the kids really got no chance to get to know each other... but fortunately for the adults, we did have a nice chat : )

rafael looked so happy on our return journey... it must be auntie jeanice's nice treats that has cheered him up : )

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