Sunday, May 24, 2009

let's go to movie

if the sound of music is to be screening again, rafael will definitely be the first one to watch it as he loves the movie so much. he can almost recite the lyrics of all the songs in the soundtrack!

btw, the dvd also serves as a panacea for all troubles (yeah, it really works everytime!) as rafael will do whatever we tell him to do if we show him the movie : P


his favourite songs include: my favourite things (just like what maria does in the movie, we let him listen to this song when there are thunders... but not really works : P), do-re-mi...


... so long farewell, edelweiss, maria...


and of course the lonely goatherd (but somehow at first rafael is quite scared by the puppets at the scene : P)



Judy said...

note to mama (as I bought that DVD with her, haha): auntie judy 有理由相信,買碟果$_ 係你有史以來駛得最值的$ _。
又,我仲未睇我果隻, 哈哈!! the holiday 都只係睇左一半!!

VT said...

rafael is so smart, has learnt so many songs already!! 8)